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tilda swinton as nico

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Nov. 27th, 2005 | 08:36 pm
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posted by: kissintime in secret_side

I haven't seen any talk here of Tilda Swinton playing Nico in David Mackenzie's biopic. I can't imagine anyone better for the role...I'm still not sure how I feel about a Nico movie, but I think Tilda, being such an amazing actress, will do her justice. In fact, Tilda's voice as the male title character in Sally Potter's "Orlando" (based on the Virginia Woolf book) reminds me very much of Nico's own.

DRE: I talked to David Mackenzie a few weeks ago, are you committed to playing Nico?

TS: I'm completely committed to playing Nico. We're doing it but I think he has to do something else in between. So don't hold your breath because it'll be a year or so away minimum.

DRE: David was saying five years.

TS: Really? Well, we had this very funny experience the other day when I was in Washington. I had just mentioned Nico to someone and as I was walking to the loo I thought, “Uh oh. I never cleared it with David that I could talk about this. That's terrible.” So I went to my hotel room and there was an email from David saying, “I feel really bad because I'm on a press tour for Asylum and I never cleared with you whether or not you wanted me to say that you were going to be playing Nico.” So we both decided to come out of the closet and stick a flag in the ground and say that we're going to do it.

DRE: What interested you about Nico?

TS: It's the aspect of the story that we're interested in showing. It's her very last tour and I think there's something really interesting about the has-been, never-was on a certain level. That dying fall of an artist's life who was really struggling particularly with the fact that she's a major junkie. It's also very funny as well.

DRE: Is it going to look back on her glory days at all?

TS: It will refer to them. But you should read the book it’s based on, it’s called Songs They Never Play on the Radio by James Young who was the keyboard player in her last band.


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