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Essential Nico?

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Aug. 11th, 2004 | 10:22 am
posted by: perruche_verte in secret_side

Hello there,

I've mostly been lurking here, but that's not a really fruitful activity as we're not that active, even with this interesting movie being made.

So I thought I'd pose a question (which maybe ought to be in a FAQ): What's the essential Nico? What do you need to see, hear and read in order to experience this strange, beautiful artist at her best?

Let's divide it into two parts:

1. Films. I know nothing about her films, or how one can see them, since I'm assuming most were not distributed widely. You get additional style points in this category if you can tell how to find her films on VHS/PAL or digital, on the off chance that any of them have made it to digital.

2. Music. The records that John Cale produced or played on are the ones everybody seems to like, and probably most people into Nico are familiar with these. They would include:

Chelsea Girls
The Marble Index
The End

But she made a number of records with other people, some of which featured James Young on keyboards (and as co-composer) and I'm interested to know which of these are worth checking out.

Cheers to anyone who can help complete this list!

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from: yokka_chyld
date: Aug. 11th, 2004 10:49 am (UTC)

My personal favorite film is Philippe Garrel's La Cicatrice Intérieure, it contains Nico's poetry, unpublished songs and is very much like her productions of this moment. Also, Le Berceau de Cristal is all about creation, and in it you can see Nico writing songs and hear her reading poetry...Both films are very beautiful!
My favorite recordings are the trilogy Marble Index, The End and especially Desertshore. But Drama of Exile and Camera Obscura with the Faction are absolutely great too, although quite different in their production.
...I don't know, i like everything from Nico, but i would say: if someone asked me about her work i would give them Desertshore, Garrel's first collaboration La Cicatrice Intérieure and maybe Nico's unfinished journal and complete lyrics published by her son ARI, under the name La Cible Mouvante.

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